Jan 16, 2007

Let God Rewrite Your Story

(2 Samuel 22:25)"God rewrote the text of my life when I opened the book of my heart to His eyes "

A little girl is born with no eyes so how will she see? She sees the world through the eyes of God. Her world is one of beauty and one of love. Ivey Sirmans shares her story through her mom. Never before have I heard such a story of love. Some would look at her story as sad, maybe you would look at her with such a disability but not Ivey's parents. Ivey is a gift. And God chose her parents specially because not many people could have appreciated Ivey like Gwen and Matt. Ivey is teaching the world how to live, how to love but most of all she is teaching us about God.
See Princess Ivey

Ashley was born and appeared to be normal at birth, but sometime into her very young life she started having problems. She became very sick. Her parents could have become very angry with God but they did not. They chose to thank God each day for her life. Ashley is teaching us of God's grace and mercy each and every day of her precious little life. Ashley almost died last night and her parents still praise God for each moment they have her. Ashley continues to teach us about God. Please pray for Ashley. See Ashley's Journal

We can let God become our eyes and our hearts if we let Him. We can let Him rewrite our life. (2 Sam 22:25)

What will your story be?


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